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Content Builder Service

Discover the power of our web application allowing you to create content for your internet kiosk with a simple user interface. A web application can be used with any web browser.

Build landing pages

In some cases, you install an internet kiosk with only one page serving as a menu for websites or content? MacPodium is the solution to easily build landing pages also called menus.

Build simple websites

The content for a kiosk is always important. With our advanced wysiwyg editor and many options available, you can create a full website in a record time with menus to navigate the content.

Build simple presentations

Some kiosks are used for Digital Signage applications: a screen just presenting pictures wihtout interaction. We made a simple tool to just do that.

SAAS or Self Hosted

You have the option to use this SAAS application (software as a service) or you can also install it on your server (source code included). You have the choice!

Easy to use

A service built for the best user experience. The user interface is intuitive and user friendly. We care about details and great UI/UX. You will be deligthed.

Many Options

You can customize many parts of the applications including selecting a theme (templates) for the website. We are adding new styles all the time. We love new ideas!


• Build landing pages
• Build simple websites
• Manage links and pages
• Add pictures, logo for links
• Powerful wysiwyg editor for pages
• No contract required
• One-time purchase
• Option to host on your own server


• Add content to your kiosk
• Manage your content for each kiosk
• Centralize the data in one location
• Customize for each application
• Simplicity, no coding needed
• Service with 99.9% uptime
• Flexibility with hosted option

Easy to buy

We do not believe in recurring subcriptions. One time purchase only and fair price. Check our offers

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